Orchid Lakes  

Here you can view our regularly updated Catch Returns from Orchid Lakes since January 2007. Click on the fish icon to view those catches that we have a photograph for.

Note: Only 20's, 30's and 40's are recorded on this list, the full log is maintained in the lodge on site. Bear in mind that the list does not take into account the number of anglers fishing, their experience,  the number of missed or lost opportunities or number of doubles caught.

Orchid Lakes

Orchid Lakes Catch
Orchid Lakes Catch
Orchid Lakes Catch
Orchd Lakes Catch

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06/08/2007 25lbs 2ozs Pads Colt Spencer
06.08/2007 23lbs 8ozs Pads Colt Spencer
04/08/2007 23lbs 13ozs Pads Colt Spencer
04/08/2007 43lbs 7ozs CLUB LAKE Lee Witoszynski Click for Photo
03/08/2007 45lbs 9ozs CLUB LAKE Adam Witoszynski Click for Photo
02/07/2007 27lbs 6ozs Middles James Mead
02/08/2007 24lbs 8ozs L Shape Paul Amos Click for Photo
01/08/2007 32lbs 12ozs Bay Ian Hodges Click for Photo
01/08/2007 25lbs 10ozs Island Dug Out Mathew Mulcahy
01/08/2007 28lbs 3ozs Nursery Kevin Thimbleby
01/08/2007 25lbs 0ozs Bitterns Robin Salmon
01/08/2007 33lbs 0ozs Drum John Godfrey Click for Photo
29/07/2007 24lbs 8ozs 1st Island Darren Willeatts
29/07/2007 34lbs 5ozs CLUB LAKE Paul Scarrot Click for Photo
29/07/2007 27lbs 2ozs 1st Island Darren willeatts
28/07/2007 22lbs 0ozs Island Dug Out Lee Carr Click for Photo
27/07/2007 23lbs 0ozs Drum Steve Marsh Click for Photo
27/07/2007 29lbs 0ozs Royal Box Ken Dalton
26/07/2007 25lbs 0ozs Next Door Lee Bowsher
24/07/2007 21lbs 8ozs Alamo Stan Bland
24/07/2007 36lbs 9ozs Island Dug Out Lee Carr Click for Photo
23/07/2007 26lbs 2ozs Bitterns Adam Ray
21/07/2007 28lbs 0ozs Powellys Joe Barton
21/07/2007 21lbs 0ozs Drum Jason Cleaver
21/07/2007 26lbs 10ozs Drum Jason Cleaver
20/07/2007 22lbs 0ozs Island Dug Out Ricky Baldry
17/07/2007 20lbs 9ozs Royal Box Phil Waterman
17/07/2007 28lbs 13ozs Middles Berni Baron Click for Photo
17/07/2007 27lbs 2ozs Top Dug Out Matt Jenkins
17/07/2007 28lbs 12ozs Powellys Peter Doulton

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Orchid Lakes, Abingdon Road, Dorchester on Thames, OX10 7LP