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Orchid Lakes

Orchid Lakes

Orchid Lakes
Club Lake Booking 2019 Sat 12th Oct til Mon 14th O

Please note that the Club Lake is booked from 9am Sat 12th Oct until 9am Mon 14th Oct

Orchid And Club Lake Thurs 1800 13th Sept to 1200

A fund raising event will take place from 1800 Thurs 12th Sept until noon Sun 15th Sept. Orchid and the Club Lake will not be available during that time to anyone NOT involved in the event
You've probably seen reference on various social media to a group called Veterans United Against Suicide, who provide help and support to ex Vets who are in dark places and suffering from PTSD.
There is little support from the government and already this year too many have taken their own lives The VUAS have no charity status as yet and they rely on donations to fund the incredible work they do. To help them along the way there will be a fund raising event on Orchid and the Club Lake Weekend of Sept 13th to Sept 15th. I need 27 Carp anglers to fish on Orchid and 9 pleasure/cat anglers on the Club Lake. The cost is £50 per angler and each angler is requested to raise a minimum of £100 through sponsorship. Every penny will go to the VUAS to assist in the valuable work they do to ensure those suffering from PTSD get the required help. The event will be on a first come basis and the entrance fee of £50 will be non-refundable and will be required as soon as your place is confirmed. As with all other Orchid charity events there will be a social on the Thurs in bivvy city along with Marsh's infamous 'jungle juice' . More details will follow as soon as I can. Supporters can also camp out in bivvy city at £5 a night and I'll source a hog roast for the weekend. I'll also need raffle prizes galore and hlp with the logistics. This is a chance for you to support members of our armed forces who have gone through hell to keep us the general public safe.If you can help out in any way please message me, 🙂 Please feel free to share so that we can get the message spread far and wide.

Club Lake Booking 2019 Sun 20th Oct

Please note that the Club Lake is booked from 8am until 4pm on Sun 20th Oct

Alamo and L Shape Bookings 2019

2019 Bookings for the Alamo and L Shape are now being taken, the price will remain the same as last year ie £25/24 hours per angler. The swims are two man and have to be booked as such and is from 9am until 9am on the day you leave. A 50% deposit is required within a week of booking to confirm the dates.

Prices 2019

As always I try to keep my prices as low as possible, there will be NO price increase for 2019 the prices will remain the same at £25/24 hours per angler for Orchid

For the Club Lake the price is £10/day, £15/night and £20/24 hours Juniors and Seniors the cost is £8/day

Gate Opening And Closing times Sun 31st March 2

Gates Open at 8am and will be locked at 7pm. I am prepared to keep them open later on Fidays as long as you ring in advance.

Orchid Lakes, Abingdon Road, Dorchester on Thames, OX10 7LP