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Orchid Lakes

Orchid Lakes

Orchid Lakes
Club Lake Bookings 2018

Please note the Club Lake will be closed for the day from 0800 until 1800 for the following matches

Sun 18th February 2018 - Littlemore AC
Sun 22nd April 2018 - Littlemore AC


Alamo and L Shape booking for 2018

Bookings are now being taking for 2018, the lodges are 2 man swims and have to be booked as such, the cost will be £25/24 hours per angler. A deposit of 50% needs to be paid within a week of booking to secure the swim

Prices 2018

As always I try to keep my prices as low as possible, there will be NO price increase for 2018 the prices will remain the same at £25/24 hours per angler for Orchid

For the Club Lake the price is £10/day, £15/night and £20/24 hours Juniors and Seniors the cost is £8/day

Gate Opening And Closing times Fri 16th October 20

Gates Open at 8am and will be locked at 5pm. I am prepared to keep them open later as long as you ring in advance.

Orchid Lakes, Abingdon Road, Dorchester on Thames, OX10 7LP